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Essential Tips On How To Inspect A Car For Road Trip

Are you planning to go on a road trip anytime soon? If so, then you would want to inspect your car to ensure that it is running smoothly and is in good condition. This will enable you to drive safe without mechanical issues. Below are tips on how to inspect a car for a road trip.

Check the Fluids in Your Carcddsxxsdddd

Make sure the oil, windscreen wash, brake fluid, power steering fluid, clutch fluid, and coolant levels are at correct levels to avoid unnecessary breakdowns. If your oil needs to be changed, it is recommended you do so at this stage. Over used oil develops sludge, thereby rendering it inefficient.

Check Your Tires’ Air Pressure

Ensure your tires have the correct air pressure as per the car’s user manual. This could also be printed on a sticker on the car’s body where the driver’s door shuts.

Check your Tire Wear

Use tread gauge to check your tire wear and make sure you have at least 1.6 millimeters of tread left. Replace any tires whose tread is below 2.5 millimeters if you are going on a long journey.

Check Your Car’s Air Filter

A properly working air filter will ensure your car’s engine is supplied with plenty of clean air, thereby improving its performance and efficiency.

Wash Your Car

sfssccfcfxgEnsure your car is clean before you go on a road trip. Clean windows will improve visibility greatly. Replace any worn out wiper blades.
Ensure All Lights and Signals are Working Before Your Trip
At this stage, you may need a friend’s help. You will sit in the car and turn on each signal or light and ask your friend to let you know if it is working. Replace any bulbs and fuses that need replacing.

Other Tips on How to Inspect a Car for Road trip

In addition to the above, there are other miscellaneous tips on how to inspect a car for a road trip. Make sure you have all emergency equipment in your car. Such equipment should be in a proper working condition. Such equipment may include an up-to-date map, spare tire and emergency tools such as an adjustable spanner, pliers, screwdrivers, and flashlights. Also, ensure your car has a medical kit, flares, and a fire extinguisher. A reflective warning triangle is also mandatory in some jurisdictions. If you are going on a long journey, it is recommended that you carry enough fuel to avoid a scenario where it runs out in a remote place where you cannot refuel.